[Free] BlurBackground with image. My 11th extension

now u can set layout background blur with image
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com.varsha.blur.aix (8.7 KB)


Nice and amazing extension @varsha_naik

it's an interresting extension,
but i don't realy hunderstant the result: it seem the result is not Arrangement Image...so how can i catch it ?
i tried this :
but it doesn't works

doesn't works

and this
doesn't works

I tried all those solutions because I would like to Blur with a radius than more than 100

Download the test project from the first post to understand how the extension works. You can adapt the test project to your needs and then use the effect in the target project.

ok, but the result seems not to be Arrangement.Image...
after using your extension, how can we delete the arrangement2 look ?


I can't get it to work at all, either in companion or compiled.

In fact, there is only aix, I don't know where I saw aia there :D...

I succed to make it works...but it seems it's not Arrangement.Image, and so I don't succed to delete it ...
flouter_image.aia (86,3 Ko)

. This does'nt works