Set button text to individual strings in a list

Hi, I have 2 buttons and I am using the Launcher extension to get app names.. The app names are produced in a list. I am trying to get the strings from the list and set them individually as button text. But, when I try this piece of code it gives me Property setter was expecting a component but got a YailList instead. error. Can someone help me? Here is my code.
Thanks - Dusk

you need a list of buttons. one button for one app name.
one easier way is use listview, not buttons.

Hi, I made it using listview, but how do I make it so that when the user clicks a specific text on the listview a event occurs?

An event occurs when the List View is tapped -


Thanks for that too. I have one more question, how do I get the text of the selected name? I tried to use Listview.selection, but that didn't work:

ListView Selection is correct to get the selected row (item) text. Looks like you have an Extension there - perhaps it does not want the text? Try Selection Index.

Nope, selection index doesn't work either.. the extension I'm using is Launcher extension by Atom_Developer
Update: I found this comment that stated I need to use selectlistitem, and that worked.
thank you for your help

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