[FREE] Background Tasks: Itoo

No that is not possible if you use the background service through a process.
A process is a background service with Foreground mode.

okay can i change notification icon?

Right now you are not able to change the icon, the feature will be there from the next update.

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It doesn't work for me in android 8, they see some error in my blocks. thanks for your help

@Develoment_System_NR you do not appear to be working with AppInventor. Ask in the community of your builder due to differences in distributions components and behaviour..

import the project to http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/, remove the move to back block and it doesn't work, can you help me

The issue there actually is that you need to remove the argument x from blocks that are actions (like events).

Also the block CreateWithTrigger can be only called once, only the last call will be registered.
This has been fixed in the new update, that will be released in a week..

should this two blocks exchange?

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Yep, makes sense, I'll change them.

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Please can you help show Notification daily at specific time using your Extension

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Hmm, I'll see that.

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Thank you :heart:

in case you are open for other solutions: the alarmmanager extension is able to do it easily

example blocks:


Thank you

Thank you

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Hello, friend do you have any update available for itoo2

im really sorry, im so much occupied, school projects and exams.

Good luck with all your projects and exams. Don't apologize. Take all the time you need.


how to change notification every second to every minute? Thanks

Hi, please show us what have you tried?