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i've had a play with the extension and tried Steve's example blocks to no effect, Please see latest attempt below. If someone could just point out what is wrong and what i need to do to solve it that would be great. ive spent hours looking at webpages and trying different ways, could just be me not getting it..

@Samuel_Dutton posting the same in different threads is considered as spam... you can find my answer here HOW TO: use LocationService extension with a GoogleSpreadsheet to record real time locations while the app is in the background - #6 by Taifun


I've looked at your example aia file and have one question, how do you change the email address from where the data (address and coordinates) originates from, at present its sent to your email by default. if i can figure that out id be one step closer.

Is this a question for me? If yes, you are asking in the ItoO thread, which would be off topic for here..


Hi @Kumaraswamy,
please see this thread

and upgrade your extension to SDK31


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Sure, I would fix it within some time.

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The extension is updated to a new framework core :partying_face:
Fixes the installation errors caused in Android 12+ devices.

About the Itoo Framework

The Itoo framework is a complected program and the core of extension, that establishes a custom app inventor environment in the background process allowing the Components, Events and Procedures to work in the background.

It acts as a middle man in the app, it intercepts all the requests and performs operations accordingly.

However, when any new blocks are added to App Inventor, it wont support it right away and it'll need an update. Like how the previous version did not support Helper Blocks in background processes.

Framework helps in the creation of background extensions specifically for one task and providing interface for accessing procedures.


Not work for me,
in Redmi note 7pro android10.

You have to add the parameter / argument "x".


thanks for help,
but can it poseble to hide running notification?

No that is not possible if you use the background service through a process.
A process is a background service with Foreground mode.

okay can i change notification icon?

Right now you are not able to change the icon, the feature will be there from the next update.

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It doesn't work for me in android 8, they see some error in my blocks. thanks for your help

@Develoment_System_NR you do not appear to be working with AppInventor. Ask in the community of your builder due to differences in distributions components and behaviour..

import the project to http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/, remove the move to back block and it doesn't work, can you help me

The issue there actually is that you need to remove the argument x from blocks that are actions (like events).

Also the block CreateWithTrigger can be only called once, only the last call will be registered.
This has been fixed in the new update, that will be released in a week..

should this two blocks exchange?

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Yep, makes sense, I'll change them.

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