[FREE] Async Image Loader Extension - Simple asynchronous image loader with circular image

Here is a simple asynchronous image loader extension to load image asynchronously in a image component from image path.

This is a simple and light weight extension since it does not uses any external library to load image. Created for personal use but sharing in case this may help someone.

Sample Blocks:

V2. Added property to set image circular with border width and border color.


V2 com.thekstudio.AsyncImage.aix (12.3 KB)


Spelling in aix filename (Aync)

Also, for others may help to indicate the benefits of using this extension, over just loading an image...

Oops typo...corrected. Thanks!


You can load image from various sources like assets, local file from ASD or online.
Now you can load image in an arrangement like vertical, horizontal or scroll arrangement.
Added event onError in case failed to load image.

Is there some information on this ?

Yes, I created this extension for Kodular, as the Kodular inbuilt async image loader block from image utilities component doesn't work due to permission error in higher Android versions.

This extension overcomes that problem as this does not uses any permission.

Specially using with Dynamic component extension when loading large list data that includes images, the app lags until all the images getting loaded synchronously, by using async image loader this problem can be fixed.

From that I read that the benefit comes when loading (large) lists of images in one go, or a single large image?

As I said, large list data that includes images either small size or large size images, it takes time for loading as it loads synchronously until all images getting loaded, and sometimes the app crashes due to this.


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