[Free] ⚠ AltNotifier

1. Introduction

  • Description: A simple alternative notifier extension with three methods not found in the standard notifier component for App Inventor
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • Released: 2021-04-29T23:00:00Z
  • Last Updated: 2021-04-29T23:00:00Z
  • Tested: Android 10 & 11, App Inventor, companion and compiled
  • Built: Using the Rush Extension Builder by @Shreyash (great support!!)

2. Blocks

The same as the standard text entry component, but allows for the provision of a default text using the content socket. Add an empty socket for no text. When run and the dialog displays, the textbox should get focus, and the soft keyboard should be displayed.

The after input event for text entry. "Cancel" is returned if user cancels.

A notifier that provides for the input of a login name and password. When run and the dialog displays, the textbox should get focus, and the soft keyboard should be displayed.
component_method (1)
The after input event, which returns the text entered. "Cancel" is returned (for both values) if user cancels.
component_event (1)

A message notifier that generates a response (no choice!). Useful for asking a question.
component_method (2)
The after button Select event which returns the button text. "Cancel" is returned if user cancels.
component_event (2)


Blocks image to demonstrate usage:




4. Files

AIX: metricrat.ai2.altnotifierV1.1.aix (11.5 KB)
JAVA: AltNotifier.java.txt (9.0 KB)
AIA: testNotifierExtnV1.1.aia (13.2 KB)

Enjoy! :smiley:

5. Procedure AddOn

Only for the methods in this extension, if you use this draggable procedure in your "message" socket, it will make the buttons fill the width of the notifier in Classic theme.


(compare with previous screenshot...)


V1.1 - minor change to proguard rules to fix error in companion

Available for use in any MIT AppInventor projects or competitions


You Are Incredible

Is that your first extension?

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@TIMAI2 I think you forgot to change this in the QuestionAlert block

Great extension and very well documented!

This is from the original notifier, intended to prevent a Back button escape from the notifier.

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Oh Okay Im sorry :sweat_smile:

Nice!! :+1: :+1:

You could add a feature to show the normal toast message showAlert block. It'll be also different :smiley:

The one in AppInventor doesn't show the actual toast, it's always square in shape.

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Have you forgotten my toast aix?


I'm sorry, I did not remember it.

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@TIMAI2 very useful to those of us trying to claw our way up the learning curve that you have included the text of the java file. Thank you.
Perhaps this will encourage others to do likewise when publishing their free-of-charge extensions here. I'm sure I'm not alone in preferring to learn by the study and understanding of the functioning output of others more proficient.

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Thank you. I really should fully comment/annotate the file now :wink:


@TIMAI2 - Don't make it too easy for us learners... :grinning: