Forum feature and external code

Hello everyone, I need your assistance in some app inventor issues:

  1. Does anyone know if there is a forum feature (component or extension) within app inventor and can send me guidlines on how we can add it to application that we design?
  2. Do you know if there is a possibilty to add an external code (such as google sheets) to application using the app inventor? Can you please send me an explanation?
    Many Thanks,

Did you search the FAQ ?

Not sure what you mean by forum feature, but if you mean something like this in an app, then no (but you could use a webviewer to access an online forum, or try out the many different chat options:

For Google Sheets, also check the FAQ:

or read below:

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If you have a forum based on Discourse you can use its API + the web component to display data in your application (I don’t know if other forum softwares have API)