Format italics in Google sheets cell for scientific names in listview

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I've been able to begin rendering my app from a fixed data base (birds with common name, scientific name, habitat, diet and misc fields). My initial test works. I still need to create the blocks where the variable will be the habitat field, of which there are three fields.

I've read and tried several approaches on displaying images in a google spreadsheet and nothing appears on the screen except an error message. I've tried editing the shared url with the following:

I have six columns:
common name
genus (cannot get italics to generate either)
habitat (this is the variable - there are three)
image - 400 pixels high x 300 pixels wide


This post is related to Help with basic spreadsheet data retreival in an app you posted 3 days ago.

ListView cannot present items in italics as far as I know.

Here is a simple example to demonstrate fetching of data and image url for display in an app

image image image



aia project
birds.aia (4.5 KB)

Thanks so much. I think my spread sheet format was off for "italics." I will redo database and see if that gives me my original layout.
Thank you for the all the help provided.
Still learning.

c heers

italics is set in the sheet and in the app !!