Help with basic spreadsheet data retreival in an app

First, my programming skills are minimal. I have some database and spreadsheet skills and html skills.
Task: create an app that pulls data and builds a page or list from a Google spreadsheet) with an image. I am aware of editing the share text for the image in Google spreadsheets.
50+/- entries - bird list for a specific location
Two selection buttons: Sandy/Rocky Shore and Dune area
Common Name
Scientific Name
Habitat - this is the variable which will generate the list
Seven fields in total

The user will select either Sandy/Rocky shore or Dunes The app will create a list , in alphabetical order, from one the two categories.

I've looked through the various forums and tutorials and am trying to find a basic guide on how to build the retrieval blocks sequence. Something simple, four columns and four entries will help . I cannot seem to find a simple date retrieval approach.

Suggestions are appreciated.

See here:

It is a bit long winded, but it should show you how to retrieve data (and the image url) from a google sheet.