Fixing code of Dictionary

Hi all,

I'm looking for a smart person in order to help me fixing the code for my Dictionary.

When I fill the text box with a very short word, it result the complete words by calling item in column one in csv into ListViewer. But after selecting an item from List Viewer it return value column 2 from csv and put in Text label 1.
search1.csv (12.9 KB)

Dictionary.aia (10.5 KB)

Hello all,

Kindly, I need help if it is possible to fix the code or not.

I tried to fix the code and it works fine only when I put the complete words in text box.

Is there any way to return the complete words when I put only one or two words in the text box.
Thank you for help.

Dictionary_2.aia (9.8 KB)

Your csv file makes no sense.

Abjure  ablaze  abattoir,2,21
Abnormal  abolish  abolition,3,22
Abrupt  abscond  absolve,4,23
abut  abysmal  accent,5,24
accompany  accomplice  accomplish,6,25
accrual  accrue  accuse,7,26


Why are there 3 unrelated words on each line?

Hello ABG

Thank you so much for your help.

Actually the csv file is just an example. In fact they are sentences


somehing more suitable for substring detection ...
The blocks should be draggable.

Hello ABG,

I have build the blocks as you advised me. Please tell how can I link the blocks together.
Thank you so much ABG.

Please I need help my friends.

when ListView1 AfterPicking global selected_row global matches_table when Button1 Click Dictionary_2_Abg.aia (10.8 KB) Capture

I recommend you close the keyboard in the button click event.

Hello ABG,

It works a very professional.

Thank you so much and good luck.

Hello ABG,
I tried to display two items in List Viewer : Column 1 and Column 3 and there is coma between. But I don't know how to make it. Can you please advise me.
Thank you
blocks (2)

Change from a 3 column table to a 2 column table, using a semicolon to separate the former columns 2 and 3.

Alternatively, make another label for column 3, and do for it the same thing that was done for column 2.

Hello ABG,

I tried to do as you said but I don't know how to do it. Can you Please explain to me in more details.
Thank you a lot.

Just do this, then.

Hello ABG,
Thank you very much for help.

I need column 3 to display in List Viewer after click button not after selecting an item from list viewer..

I am sorry for inconvenience.

Hello ABG,

I need your help please.

Can you please help me if you don't mind.

I don't understand.

What List Viewer?

Hello ABG,

Forget about it.
I have another question.
How can I make expect complete word without click the button.
For example when I write two or three letters it display expect words.


and the experimental!msg/mitappinventortest/LwJVNkyvPgU/vTaelFfzFgAJ

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Hello ABG,
I found an example but I tried to use same .csv that I have but I don't know how to link the csv in it.

Can you please help me.

You have never read a csv file from the Media folder?