Fixing code of Dictionary

Believe me there is no csv file in Media folder
autofillexample.aia (10.4 KB)

The important thing to take away from the sample is the use of the global prior_entry variable in the Clock Timer event, to attempt lookup only after detection of a change in the input text box text value.

The difference in the loading and preparation of the lookup table(s) is not relevant.

Hello ABG,
Thank you so much ABG for giving me the chance to help me.
Please look at my .aia and give me more details to complete it.

Dictionary_2_Pilot_2.aia (19.1 KB)

Hello ABG,

Now, I have got how to link the source from .csv file and call the items in Listview. But I don't know how to show only expected items.

Please I need help.
Thank you so much ABG

Load the list of expected items into the .Elements of a ListView or List Picker.

Hello ABG,

I am so sorry for inconvenience ABG.

I tried very hard and many times to see how to load the list of expected items into the .Elements of a ListView but unfortunately I couldn't do it. Can you please help me. Please don't be upset.

Thank you so much.

autofillexample_3.aia (15.8 KB)

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