FirebaseError Permission denied


I created an app with 3 screens. On the second screen, I'm successfully using FirebaseDB (reading from it). On the 3rd screen, I want to write to the FirebaseDB, but as I open the 3rd screen in the app, I get an error that says:

On the 2nd and 3rd screens, I'm using the same token and URL for the FirebaseDB.

Why is that happening?

Appreciate any help.
Thank you!

see this thread

In terms of the pointing projectbucket to a node of reading restricted you get an error of Permission Denied (without having asked to read anything, and without even having put a block .DataChanged).
If you have not put blocks in order to catch errors of FB, then the user will get a sort of MessageDialog that says: FirebaseError Permission denied and you have to press the Continue button.
But just to put a block When .FirebaseError to capture the error, and then the user will not bother you any message.


Hi, thank you its solved my problem.

now I have another one :sweat_smile:

I got 2 buckets in my firebaseDb

  1. called "MyMusicPlayer"
  2. called "names"
    Im using those blocks to write into the DB. the writing to DB1 (tp "MyMusicPlayer" bucket) is working fine but the second DB (to "names" bucket) not working for some reason.

The fire base token and link are the same for both and projectBucket is set for each one.


Do you know why it's happening?

You can't do this (hence the red cross).


Set the value of variable TagListCount in an event, you cannot do it on initialisation

I followed this video:

and that part of getting the tag number is working fine, although there's a red cross. It's only the second DB that's causing trouble.

I tried to manually input an example tag "4" and value "test," but it's not working aswell.

it probably works in the companion app... did you also try after building?
errors are there to be fixed... not to be ignored...


yes it works after building as well.
But again this in not my problem, my problem is in the writing to the second bucket in my DB that called "names".

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That's a TinyDB video, totally unrelated to Firebase.

maybe your number tags....have you tried changing those tag to 01, 02, 03...does it work?

Yes, not used the advice provided here:

Also you should fix the/any red crosses you have in your blocks, even if they appear to work, they may/will break something.