Count the tags amount from firebaseDB


I'm trying to count the number of tags that I have in my FirebaseDB. I'm trying with these blocks:

I ran some tests, and the "when FireBaseDB2.TagList" isn't triggering.

Am I doing something wrong?

This is my FirebaseDB (the "TagListCount" here should be 3):

In my app, I'm successfully getting and using the FirebaseDB information. Only the count part isn't working.

Appreciate any help.
Thank you!

Possibly because you have created a firebase array (by using numbers), which firebase, and possibly the firebase component treats differently.

You could just use length of list on the returned taglist value ?

Hi, thanks for replaying,
I need it to be a numericals tags in the firebaseDB.

im trying to use these:


its not working either. (the songNumber doesnt change to 3)
"when FireBaseDB2.TagList" isn't triggering again.

I have just tested, it is your use of numbers.

Try like this and you will find it works

(it would probably be better to use a numbering system like this: Z00001,Z00002,Z00003... so that you can have thousands of entries, and are able to sort alpha-numerically)


(returns 3)

More info on Firebase Arrays

I will try it out.
Thank you!