Firebase text strange formatting problem

Hi I'm using the FirebaseDB component from the Experimental section of the designer page.
When the value is saved in Firebase it looks like this
Screenshot 2023-05-31 104537
Using this block

If I read it back in to the app it formats it back to what I expect, however I'm wanting to use the data on an ESP32. That reads it as \"https:\/\/Example_URL.test"
Any ideas on how I can fix it?

In the ESP32 code, remove the characters: " and \

I have tried the .replace() but it doesn't like non alphanumeric characters.
what should I be using instead?

Alternatively, you can use the web component to store and retrieve values with Firebase, this should help to overcome this problem.

I haven't tried it, does this work?

ejemploURL.replace("\"", "");  
ejemploURL.replace("\\", "");

That did in fact work thank you. I'm sure when I tried it earlier it gave me some errors.
Good work around.

Also a good alternative.

Not a scamming link, just an old link to a non existing page on epizy. Links removed until I find the new ones.

Thanks for notifying.

I've deleted the post. Thanks for taking quick action. You have a very informative and helpful web site. Some dubious sorts must have taken over the page that that link went to.

I'm struggling a bit with your instruction "Firebase Demo:
Secured with Web Component"
in the second step " SIGN IN (LOGIN) a User"
it's not clear where I would find the returned text.
I used the web1.GotText block and put the returned text into a text box.

Moving on to step 3 " PUT "
How do I get the ID token from step 2 it to the blocks of step 3? Other than copy and paste.
I have made a block to pull the ID token from the returned text from step 2 and put that in to the put block, but this triggers the first web1.GotText block again and gives me errors.

I made a solution

I can then use the list picker to move the Id token to a variable.

I have to make some assumptions, that developers will already know how to use the web component :wink:

A better way:

(note: because I am not using the web component to return the responseContent, I have had to convert the string to a dictionary)

Thanks for that!
I'll have to read up on dictionary functions as it's not something I have used before. The blocks work perfectly, but I don't yet understand why. I'll do some reading as I don't like to just copy and paste a solution.

Could I ask, If you have any experience with firebase messaging, and is it some thing that can be used with App Inventor.
Perhaps this isn't the right place to ask for advice, I would like to send text messages to an ESP32 display during a phone call, as my parents are hard of hearing. They can't use a mobile / cell phone. Believe me I have tried to teach them.
I think I can do it with what I have learned from your website, but wondered if you can point me in any other direction.

You could try this:

[PAID] Firebase Cloud Messaging Extension