Firebase Crashes my app

hello everyone , the title says all , i tried for the first time to use the "firebase" extension but i had no avail , i have registered an account and made the most simple app using a button to store a "test" value for a "test" tag , my app just crashes all the time , is firebase still working btw !?

Please provide an image of your blocks, "which" extension you are using, and an image of your firebase structure. Also, details of any tutorial you may have followed

ok .. here is my blocksSans titre-1 i really did the basics of firebase , i created an account , used the token etc .. i really think there is nothing wrong with my code
Here is the tutorial that i followed video

here is my account at firebase

OK, you are not using an extension, just the FirebaseDB component.

Check your firebase details are correct here:


Also, try changing your project location to US instead of Europe, if the problem persists...

it worked ! i think that this was the server , i switched to usa and it WORKS !!! ahhaa ! (mega thanks)

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