Firebase connection with MIT (beginner)

I have downloaded the App Inventor (emulator) to be connected with Firebase. However, there seems to be error appearing saying that the Android version is too old to be used with Firebase... May I know what’s the solution? And also what is actually Firebase token?

Hi there,

As mentioned in earlier topics, the emulator is an old version of Android that does not support Firebase.

From @SteveJG,

Firebase is not usable with the emulator that downloads with aiStarter.

The Android version it emulates is too low. Either use a real device to test your Project or use an advanced emulator that emulates higher Android versions (5 or above should work)

See this topic.

Hope this works.

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Here's my latest list of free emulators ...

My current emulator is MemuPlay .

I suggest you to use BlueStack5 it works smoothly and fastly.