Finger print scanner for secret image

I'm working on a project finger scanning. I extended fingerprintsensor from

I kept an image on Horizontal Arrangement, made it visible to 'False'. My aim is to scan my finger print, by clicking on scan button. if its authenticated, image will be displayed, else will change the color of screen to red.
when i'm clicking 'SCAN' button, nothing is happening

I have a doubt, how can we set the right fingerprint, where the verification of two fingerprints i.e., correct one and wrong one is done. Please help
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Try this modified aia, original was provided by the developer in FingerprintSensor Extension Modify code according to your needs. You should tested with apk not with companion

FingerPrintSensor_4.aia (488.3 KB)


I tested with apk only, its not working.

Try this one

FingerPrintSensor_5.aia (488.4 KB)

hi I tried this. it's saying "Failed to initialize finger print sensor. No enrolled finger prints".
how does it work

Fingerprint only performs the fingerprint verification already registered in the Smartphone (the same used in the lock screen)

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An example

hey thank you so much. I got it. it worked