Fill canvas with gradient

Is there any fast method to fill the canvas with 2 colors gradient?
I'm trying to make an HSV color picker.

CuloriHSV.aia (109.4 KB)

Perhaps this ?

(note: I searched the community to find this ...)

Thanks TIMAI2.
I used the code there, but it's not exactly what I want. I tried KIO4_Gradient, on Horizontal Arrangement but it doesn't work with dynamic color values.


"dynamic color values"

Let's assume that we have a fixed color, for example white, and the other color in the list changes permanently with the Hue slider.
The extension KIO4_Gradient does not work in this case.
Only the first color is rendered, i.e. white.
KIO4_Gradient only works with predefined colors from MIT App Inventor.

It doesn't work in the case below either.

I found the solution here (only for Layout not for Canvas):