How to add gradient to canvas

When I tried to draw without a canvas in JavaScript, I tried to create a gradient on that "canvas". The 10x10 canvas I created used table cells as pixels. For this I had to calculate the color of each cell when trying to make a gradient. And now I implemented it in App Inventor.
Method i'm using:

It simply calculates the gradient color for every 5 px. For demonstration i created simple project.
gradient.aia (5.6 KB)

sorry, mis-read

I have no idea what you apologize for, but it's ok

He asked whether the Pixel and BackgroundPixel blocks work the same or not. After that, he saw that he misread slightly, that's why.

Thanks for info.

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how to get multiple custom colors with extension of ColorPicker by Zhangzqs?

gradient (1).aia (24.9 KB)
Try this

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Exactly what I needed, Thank you so much

You're welcome.

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