File limit ? What should I do to ? Should I extract the file from a a web?

Excuse me, I would like to know the limits of the built-in emulator (especially the file sizes limit dedicated to this emulator). Is it 10 MB, just like the apk limit? If yes, why does the built-it emulator stays white and not load anything? It should load if it is within 10 Mb. I tried another emulator and it works. To be honest, I need to hand in an assignment and my teacher is going to check it there (with that built-in emulator) and not use any external software. Thank you if you wish to help me solve this.

What can you do to reduce the size of your project ?

Do you have many large images? Resize these to match the intended devices.

Do you have large text files? Import these from online resources on initialise.

Hi thank you for replying, my large files inside is mainly audio. I can’t really compress the as they sound really terrible afterwards. But I cut them as short as possible so that this file doesn’t exceed 10 MB

But it should load up in the built-in emulator if it is smaller than 10 MB ,right?

To test, remove the audio files. Does it load then ?

Well it doesn’t work either. (At least there is a larger chance of solving this problem)

Ohsorry it works !

So the problem should be the files

Can you store the audio files online and call then in as needed?
You have a google drive ?

Excuse me, will that affect the recording fuction
I created in the app ?

What I made is a piano app

Can you share an example piano note ? How many do you have ?

sorry what is a note? the blocks? a copy of the app?

Do you mean the files of the piano notes ? (the audio)

I think I have around 24 audio files

Yes I do mean an audio file :wink:

I am the same guy (i exceeded the limit as new user)
I got it from here
the centre row (mf) (from C4 to Bb5)
Except I slice it into around 5 seconds each and make it wav sound files
(please make it short so that I dont reach the limit again:)

Those aiff files are big! :wink:

I took C4 and cropped it with Audacity (faded it out) and made an mp3 and a wav
mp3 @ 40kB, wav @ 270kB

If you converted all to mp3 files, you should come in @ 1mb of audio files (for wav @ 6.5mb…)

That should load OK :slight_smile:

what I cropped are around 100 kb each (how could you have such a small file ?)

1000 kb each