File downloading problem

I have a problem while downloading a file from google drive...the file is downloaded however it is always corrupted...
I use downloadTOASD1

Please show your relevant blocks and any text/error outputs you get

I don't get any error while downloading the file ( rar file)...but it cannot be opened

This is not a downloading problem then ? but a compressed file type issue....

Try using zip instead, there is a free extension for handling zip files....

Drives files can't be downloaded directly from url as far as I know.

Try a direct link:


Still getting the same error

What does this error have to do with my extension?

This is what I am trying to figure out
As I mentioned "the file is downloaded but it is always corrupted"....all file formats I tried were giving errors or cannot be read

What files are inside the RAR/ZIP file?

You appear to be using a Windows program to unzip a file downloaded on an android device. How is that going to work?

You might test the file itself by downloading it directly to your Windows computer. Can you unzip that ?

Then, as I suggested, test the file by downloading on your android device, and use Taifun's zip extension to unzip it.

You might also try downloading with the link @Anke proposed, just using the web component. This may require a permission to be set (when compiled), but if you set the web component correctly it will also save to the ASD.

This what I was doing
Downloading the file on my phone
Copy it to my laptop and trying to unzip it----> ERROR!

Some file types (and file sizes) may not be supported by Google Drive.

Try uploading the RAR/ZIP file to your own server and downloading it from there.

I tried
*.rar 684 bytes
*.zip 2 kbytes
*.txt 17 bytes

If it's nothing secret, post your aia (with the RAR/ZIP archive) here.

ok !

You are not downloading the actual file... given filesizes like that

I am explaining that I tried to download different files (rar,zip and text) ...and all were corrupted


Filesize on Google Drive (7Kb) note file is "anyone with the link"

File Downloaded (6706 = 7Kb)


File Unzipped


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