File corrupted when downloading it to the phone

Hello. I am creating an application with App Inventor. Until yesterday, it worked perfectly. Today, I made a minor change on the app, and when sending it to my phone by using MIT AI2 Companion (scanning QR code) I get a message "File potentially corrupted - Do you still want to download it ?". I downloaded it and the program is working well, but I would like to understand why I get this message, which was not displayed the days before. Is there an explanation for this ? Regards.

Hello ByB

The message no doubt means what it says - somehow, there may be some corruption. Does your App use any extensions? Do you keep backups of your Project Files?

Yes, I use two extensions, one to read to Call Log and another to find a contact name from a phone number. But I included these extensions several days before in my application and had never this message before today. Why do you mention backups ? And what does it means that files are corrupted ? They are generated via the App Inventor website. The extensions I use are the following : CallLoger extension and

It is best to make a backup of your Project locally (on your PC) often, just in case anything goes wrong.

It means that, when the Project file was processed into executable code, something unrecognised was discovered. It could be absolutely anything. For example, a corrupted image file, too many incomplete Blocks, an unrecognised/depreciated Android method or function delivered by an extension, damage to the (unseen) background Project files during their upload from the MIT server (a glitch server side or the broadband service), a WiFi glitch just as the data was being passed to the Companion.......

That's your first clue to the source of the issue - what was the minor change? If you remove the change, is the corrupted file warning still triggered?

The change was that I was looking for the first "INCOMING" call in the Call Logger. I changed it for the string "MISSED" as in fact, I am interested in missed calls, and not in INCOMING anymore.

The CallLog and WhatsApp Utils Extension by Andres Daniel?

That was released in 2017, Android, WhatsApp and App Inventor have changed since then, so the extension might have a compatibility issue now.

... and if you test by reverting back to "Incoming", does the warning message persist? is delivering a 404 not found page. Do you have any other links to the extension?

Is there another extension which allows me to get access to the most recent missed call, with the calling number included, and which should be more recent ? Thank you.

I am sorry, but the website can be accessed by clicking on the link . I just tried it now.

I reverted the change in my app, and the error persists.

I think it may be in your Browser history, I still get a 404

It is an https://

Yes. In fact the link is 电话联系人扩展 - 浮云小站

So that extension may be a "red herring".

Your goal then is to list missed calls - missed by the phone User, not missed while using your App? It seems likely that a Call Log would be recorded, your App needs access to that file.

Two things to find out - where is the file stored, and is it encrypted. If the file exists, on most devices, and is stored in the same place, you may be able to access it via the SAF extension.

Edit: CallLog.Calls  |  Android Developers

It's a recent extension - how did you find it? What are other Users saying about it?

I found it with Google. No news about other users.

What is the SAF extension ?

Can you tell me where I can find the recommended extensions ? I would like to be able to get the last call that was missed on the phone, and then get the corresponding contact information, as in the Call Log you only find the calling number.

Storage Access Framework extension:

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