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Dear App Inventors,

With the new ListView, you can create a view out of the box without extension that shows a Thumbnail, Main text and sub text. That's almost perfect, what I'm missing is an extra button for each list element. I'm currently using ColinTree ListView but I have performance and also compatibility issues with it, so I'm looking for a simple solution to extend the integrated ListView with this extra button.

The list should look like this:

Please excuse me if it is not appropriate to open a separate topic for this issue.

Hope that there is a way to implement.

Thank you!


@consti thank you for your idea but i think it will increase complexity of the ListView, because we need to add some extra properties for adding extra button in ListView.


Thank you for your reply!

Ok, of course there would be a little more complexity, but in my naive thinking, that can't be so much effort - or is it really that hard?

I have never coded an extension by myself so far, would it be possible to modify the default ListView so that I can have this extra button? Sorry for this question which might be stupid.. :wink:

BTW why do you want to add button because?

I think this needs to have a #feature-request tag

If you have a look onto my Screenshot, you can see that I have a list with thumbnails, main text and sub text, and at the right there is a button that enables the user to add the list item onto a personal list (the button opens a spinner dialogue)

ColinTree ListView has this functionality ExtraButton, however, if I fill up the list with several hundreds of items, it needs several seconds to fill the list. During that time, the whole App "hangs". Some devices even crash when filling the list. That doesn't happen when using the integrated ListView, it fills up nearly instantly and it runs on all devices, even older ones, and it doesn't crash. But - like I said - there is no ExtraButton, unfortunately. So I can't use it at the moment. By the way, the integrated ListView also misses some line separator between the list items, but that's not crucial. And for the distance between the thumbnails and the text, I would implement a trick by editing the images and adding white space onto the right side of the image.

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it has a prefix in the topic name, thanks to @TIMAI2


Because ListView component is actually a kind of recycler view now.
I believe same functionality can't be achieved with ColinTreeListView as there the methods must be called on UI thread.

Well, ColinTree is perfectly fine, as long as there are not too much elements, it does what I need. Or did I get you wrong?

If someone can provide a ListView Extension with this button, so that it looks like in my screenshot, and which is as fast and compatible like the integrated ListView, I will pay for it. Please just let me know, thank you!

Here is a way to do it without extensions ...

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Thank you very much for your suggestion!

However, to be honest, I don't think this is suited for my situation. It would result in enormous complexity and I'm not sure if it is suitable at all..

You might look for alternative list view extensions here:

CTRL+F and search for listview and list view

(look for the one by Sumit1334)

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Thank you so much @TIMAI2 !!

I don't know how I could miss this topic, I was searching for so long time. Maybe because it is a quite new one. I hope this extension will work with AI2 and that performance is fine, I will test. There is no extra Button, but an ExtraCheckBox and swiping functionalities, if I can't get the button, I will use the CheckBox or swipe, but maybe Kumar can make my wish come true.

Edit: First testing of this extension was successful. However, swiping does not work with AI2. I hope I can get the button..

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