[F/OS] Dynamic Popup Window Extension [Version 1.2]

Hello everyone,

I am here to present my another extension which is Popup Window Extension. By using this extension you can create a popup dialog and also you can show the dialog as a DropDown.

Blocks -


Documentation -

Creates a popup window with the given height and width. (Recommended to use it at screen initialises)

component_method (3)
Dismisses the popup window which is being showed.

component_method (4)
Returns true if the popup window is showing

component_method (5)
Shows popup window as a DropDown on a component

Shows popup window as a DropDown on a component with some more customizations

component_method (7)
Shows the popup window with gravity and x, y offsets

Event triggered when the window is dismissed

Demo Video -

Download Extension -


com.vedang.PopWindow.aix (7.0 KB)


com.vedang.PopWindow.aix (8.7 KB)

Latest Version 1.2 - com.vedang.PopWindow.aix (9.5 KB)

If you have any suggestions/feedback then feel free to post it here


Looks good. What are the x,y values, dp or screen pixels ?

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Looks good!

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Thanks a lot @TIMAI2

They're in pixels.

Thanks Pratyush!

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  • Seems to be dp here, or not working. I set the popup to 400x400 but content barely fills the popup window

  • Also suggest change focusable to cancelable (which means you can click anywhere to make the popup go away)


  • I also see that on first run (in companion) that the component - e.g. vertical arrangement - is visible on screen. This should be hidden... [EDIT - I should have put register in Screen1.initialise doh!]





Actually according to official android documentation it is pixel.

Will do in the next update :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the suggestion

Yes it is required to call that method at screen initialise otherwise the arrangement will be visible to the screen.

OK, but this is not working for me. What settings might be required for the component arrangement in designer/blocks?

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It seems like the issue is not from my side nor yours. Still I'll recheck it.

Properties like background color and horizontal/vertical alignments should be given from the properties of original arrangement

You need to multiply it with density.


Thank you @vknow360 :smile: will update the aix soon

New Version - 1.1 :partying_face:

Hello, This is the version 1.1 of the extension with some bug fixes and new features

Bug fixes -

  • Fixed the bug with the height and width of window
  • Changed the Focusable to Cancellable in CreatePopupWindow method
  • RegisterArrangement method is now deprecated. you can now register the arrangement in CreatePopupWindow method.

New features -

  • Added overlapAnchor parameter to the DropDown methods to overlap the component by popup window while showing dropdown.

  • Event triggered when the window is dismissed

Download -

com.vedang.PopWindow.aix (8.7 KB)

Started to work on the next update :grin: :sweat_smile: You may suggest some features


Nice extension @Techno_Vedang :+1::star_struck:


Thank you :heart: anshuman

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Great work @Techno_Vedang ! :heart:

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I am glad you liked it @Aquib_Khan


Actually, I was working on this extension, but before me, you made it :sweat_smile:.


Here is the screenshot of next update [1.2] :innocent:

It will create the Popup Window dynamic :grin: testing is going on
And yes, extension will be open source after the next update
I hope you will like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Update ! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Hello everyone,

Finally I am here comes the update of Popup Window Dynamic Popup Window. Yes! it is now Dynamic Popup Window. :grin:

Actually the update should be released yesterday. But I was quite busy. Sorry for the delay

New features -

The extension is now became fully dynamic! You can create multiple popup windows without using the extension multiple times.

Here are the 3 new blocks I have added to work with Id System.
(Will update the blocks is First Post later)

Download -

com.vedang.PopWindow.aix (9.5 KB)

Open Source

As I said earlier extension will be open source. Yes!

Show your :heart: by starring :star2: the repository and also feel free to contribute!

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You should update all your blocks in your original post to avoid confusion.....this will also show users how the "dynamism" works :wink:

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You're right @TIMAI2. I'll do.

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