[F/OS] 🧠 Artificial Intelligence and OpenAI!

No, you were intended to provide the API key, not the user. Since the quota is not unlimited and you will have to pay sometime, you can ask users to pay for this, put ads to earn revenue, or limit the amount of messages each user can send.

Google are at it too!

I was not able to find you app, is it hidden somewhere? Is it possible to have the APK? thanks.

Hi Gordon,thank you so much for your hard work. I love it. I was just asking..When will the API will be updated? I tried to use the ''generateImage'' block,but it's giving me error,I'm assuming API are out of date due to GPT 3.5...

Hello everyone,

As I've said, the GenerateImage is outdated and may not work becuase I believe the API needs a new upgrade. This extension is using GPT 3, I'm working on a fix to upgrade to GPT 3.5.

Please search the topic for similar questions from now on. This is not a bad thing, but I'm tired of countless emails and PMs asking the same question. I really do not want to reply so many times because it's pointless.

@Francesco_Sessa, @Tr_ng_Tr_nh_D_c, @Stephen_Wong, this should answer your questions. If you have any questions, do ask, but please read the topic and the replies. Thanks for using the extension and supporting me!

Hello, I'm from Brazil, I did it but it only takes English, he doesn't understand the questions in Portuguese and only answers in English, how do I translate it into my language? please help me.


You can use the Translator component to translate your input into English, and the response back into Portuguese.

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Can't wait for the 3.5 version. Great work Gordon!!!

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Yeah,I read the whole topic just after sending the message to you,I'm sorry for that. As I imagined,it's due to ChatGPT upgrade. However I wanted to say thank you for the great work. Keep up :wink:

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No, of course not, I have to manually upgrade it.

Thanks everyone!

Hello everyone,

I'm diagnosed of having tracheitis. Normally it would take two weeks or so for me to recover as I have other diseases that come with me as well, such as asthma.

I'm really sorry, I would have to take rest for two weeks or so and will not be able to do so. I'll still try my best to work on my bed to update this extension.

I'm sorry.

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Do you receive an error message? Please use the Error event to check if there are any error messages.

Also, to correctly get an image of your blocks, please right-click and select Download Blocks as Image, then upload your blocks here. This increases the readability of your blocks.

Thank you for getting back to me. I used the error block & it returned the message "You have exceeded your current quota. Please check your plan and billing details." I obtained the API key several hours ago and used it for this application, but it did not work. Can you offer any assistance?

Are you using an alt account? When you register two accounts with the same phone number, you will find this error message.

Please screenshot how much balance you have left in your account. This can be checked in the OpenAI Dashboard.

Exactly; you have no balance in your account, therefore you cannot use it. Previously, OpenAI gave all its users $18 of credit for free at signup. Are you using an alt account with the same phone number?

But it does say that in order to use the OpenAI API, you need to set up a paid account. Maybe the billing plans changed.

I created another account with my personal ID. I have balance in that account.

but it got expired on 01 April.

Is there any other way through which I can use this API Key or any other platform I need to create a Chatbot for a project?