Extensions in Android and iOS

I have a general question about AI2 extension: do they always work both for Android and iOS? Or this is something that must be checked for each single extension?

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As far as I know there are no extensions for ios.

Hi Federici, if I understood correctly in another discussion ewpatton wrote that is quite possible that is not allowed to use extension on ios for a problem with digital signature trusted.

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No. Extensions today are written in Java and compiled to Android dex code. The iOS infrastructure is mainly written in Swift. We are working on a potential solution to support extensions on iOS, but because of Apple App Store Guidelines loading extensions in the companion will not be supported. Extensions will be allowed in compiled iOS apps once the extension functionality has been fleshed out.

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Thanks @ewpatton. BTW, when will app inventor allow to create applications that can be installed in iOS devices?

Read this thread -
MIT App Inventor for iOS Version 0.9.12

Thanks @Alaqmar_Bohori, but except for @Point's comment (MIT App Inventor for iOS Version 0.9.12) I don't see any time schedule for the possibility of installing apps created by AI2 on iOS.


There is no time schedule for when it will be possible for a developeer to install apps created by AI2 on iOs because MIT is still coding the part of the software that creates the builds and is testing. Pretend the release date is in the summer and be happy if it is sooner. What happens depends upon successful testing of the build server for ios and Apple's approval. No one knows when that will happen. Maybe available Christmas.

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I have been waiting for this for quite e long time. Christmas would be just great