Extension solicitation. Hand tracking

On this page we can find the extensions Facemesh.aix (face) and Posenet.aix (body):


(Example Posenet: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/resources/ai/aiDance).

Example Facemesh in this Community:

@ewpatton, I think another extension for "hand tracking" would be interesting...

Video: Hand tracking.



I am unable to play the video.

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Video not playable on Chrome

Below the video there is a link to the website with the video.

I saw the video, thanks @Patryk_F

@Juan_Antonio Thanks for showing me this awesome stuff, I am amazed from Ai2's possibilities

I use chrome and I am able to see video without from the link

While we do not have this extension, we can play with this JavaScript code, we need a webcam and open the page with Firefox.



We can copy the source code into a .htm file on our PC and open it with Firefox.

Here in Spanish.

Great work was done with the Pose and Facemesh Extensions
are there any plans to implement the hand gesture feature as well?

Mediapipe shows some more interesting functions we also could use here in AI environment :wink:

Home - mediapipe (google.github.io)

Amazing work! Definitely there are great possibilities with AI. Thanks, Juan for the great sharing.