Extension: Modified Notification Style to support Android 12 and above

testNotif_default.aia (222.6 KB)

Yeah, even just this basic demo app has the issue. You can't check the "allow reply" checkbox in this demo because you'll get an error. This demo is using the official extension, which doesn't allow that function. I also compiled my own with rush that simply changes FLAG_IMMUTABLE to FLAG_MUTABLE and that allows the reply function. That's not what's in this demo though because I didn't want that to be blamed for the main issue here. Using either my compiled extension or the official extension like what's in this demo, causes extreme difficulty with unlocking the screen if there's a notification when the screen is off.

The discussion of the Notification Style extension includes the configurable Properties of Importance and Priority.

  • Importance Channel
    Define the importance of the channel check here for more information.
    blocks (68)
    component_set_get (13)
    Default: 2
  • IMPORTANCE_DEFAULT ➜ 2 (default)
  • Priority Notification
    Set notification priority, check here for more information
    blocks (67)
    component_set_get (12)
    Default: 2
  • PRIORITY_DEFAULT ➜ 2 (default)

For both, the Default value listed is "2". However the "more information" link leads me to the conclusion that "Default" is another constant in both cases.

Default importance seems to be "3"

Default notification importance: shows everywhere, makes noise, but does not visually intrude.

Constant Value: 3 (0x00000003)

And Default Priority seems to be "0"

Default notification priority. If your application does not prioritize its own notifications, use this value for all notifications.

Constant Value: 0 (0x00000000)

What am I missing? Are the default values for Priority and Importance both "2" or are they "0" and "3" respectively?

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Hi, ich habe die Extension(siehe titel) benutzt in einer App. Die schickt leider keine App Benachritigungen. Weiß jemand woran es liegen könnte?

Du darfst keines der Puzzlestücke leer lassen...

Ausserdem würde ich ein button click event verwenden...


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Was muss denn bei bigText, StartValue und id hin? Diese Textfelder können da nämlich nicht hin.

Das findest du wie üblich in der Dokumentation


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Es funktioniert. Danke!

This modified extension also gives error on Android 13 kindly help me with that

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Which error? Post screenshot...

I tried it and it works fine on my device.
As for the music notification to play an audio file, what should I do?
And how can notification be useful in an existing application and why is it useful in an application?

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Post the aia.

NotificatioStyle.aia (60.2 KB)
It only works with music notification.

Confirmed. I also get this error on Android 13+


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Thank you, will fix it whenever I get some time.


Hello all, recently I've not been able to actively contribute towards this platform, since this extension is open source, I invite experienced people to help fix this issue. You can fork this repository, do some fixes, and post the update here, and possibly make a PR also.

thank you

Can you try this one?

PS: Authorized by @Kumaraswamy to post it here

Replace FLAG_IMMUTABLE with FLAG_MUTABLE for all Pending Intents.

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  • Fixed crashes, replaced PendingIntent flags to MUTABLE by @Know_About_IT

com.jdl.NotificationStyle.aix (32.2 KB)


Hi the Extension works great!
However on Google Play I get this notification. I have added ItoO too so maybe it cloud came from that.

Your app sets up exact alarms without checking whether the SCHEDULE_EXACT_ALARM permission has been granted. This causes your app to crash for users with Android 14, as the permission is no longer granted by default.