Extension google sheet or csv to pdf

Anyone have free extension for download google sheet or csv as PDF format ? Thanks

There is no need for an extension. You can use the web component to download a google sheet as pdf with:


and supply required options

Here is an example I put together some time ago



Oke thanks sir,
Btw if i want to download as csv from google sheet, how to do that ?

You will have to export?format=csv then when you get the text, save it to a file

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May i know the block sir ?

If you want to download a google sheet "sheet" as a file (where the google sheet only contains one "sheet"), set blocks like this:

You can change this to download a specific "sheet" in a spreadsheet by including the "gid" of the "sheet"



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Thanks sir

Its error sir

Something wrong with your url....is your spreadsheet "read by anyone" ?

All working fine here, example blocks and screen output


yes, my google sheet is "anyone with the link" for viewer

Is it working now ?

no sir, its still same error

Check your spreadsheet file ID and gid number

if iam join the url, copy and the paste to browser, its success to download
but still error in MIT

OK, good. Check your device connectivity.

how to check it sir ?
on screen initialize iam add block ask permission write external storage

Your companion device is connected by data or wifi to the internet ?

wifi, and i think no problem with my connection data, because it still connect to companion

I tried on new project file, and its has no error, but im still cant found the file csv on storage sir

Try with this file ID, which is the one I show in my example, which I know is working in AI2


use gid = 0