Extension For Any Event

read the topic from the post i gave. it might give you a idea.


Fix 1.2

  • Fixed the latency issue, now extension takes much less time to post events :slight_smile:

xyz.kumaraswamy.ai2tools.aix (10.2 KB)


Here is the source code of the extension :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:

@Aarush_Kumar, It is a different approach as that one didn't work correctly as expected.


Thankyou @Kumaraswamy .

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It doesn't seem to work with Kodular (Companion, APK not tested).

I checked it in Kodular companion and it works fine.

No, not for me:
eventTest.aia (12.6 KB)



Hmm Im not sure if this has to do only something with kodular since an event KeyboardVisibility seems to trigger infinitely.

Edit: Can you test if the same things work on Ai2?

Of course it works with AI2.

The reason is just after the button is clicked other events get triggered and the label changes, adding a compare logic solved it.



Okay got it, its because kodular is calling an event continually which causes this behaviour.


:ok_hand: :+1:

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Can you attach an aia example where you NEED to use this extension ?

This extension can listen for events for all components

OK, but for Button click I can use When Button Click, in which cases would I NEED to use this extension

For logging purposes or maybe if you have a huge amount of components and cant drag blocks for every single one then?

what's the use of args ? In my test it's always empty

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it means arguments some events return some variables that what args return. but if event does not return anything it is empty.

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Is it possible to have mercy on subsequent readers of blocks using this extension, to make it easier for them to see the event delivery method?

For example, if the proc event() block were replaced with a
ExtensionName.EventLogged event block, that would reduce the possibility of sending an unsuspecting reader chasing through all the blocks searching for a call event() block.

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:musical_note: Dreamin' :musical_note: (Johnny Burnette 1960)

I must admit that having one of my screens 2,000 blocks long and none of the logic written down :roll_eyes: I, mentally, know "the picture" and can trace but there is always that lingering thought "what if I missed something". Recompiling, using, tweeking and recompiling is very lengthy and variable chasing can be bothersome.

It would be really great if there were an AnyVariableEvent Extension.
When developing, the first phase (alpha not beta :slight_smile: ) the developer is also the tester of the viability of the app. To be able to listen for when a variable changes state (and which module it changed in) would seriously decrease development time?

In my vision adding the extension then having a module which would contain the named variables to watch and putting each of the variables changes in a file or list for viewing would be the way to go. After detecting a problem the developer could call to show the VariableEvents. The module for naming the variables to watch should only be one singular module. No calls in any of the routines of the particular screen.

@Kumaraswamy. @ABG

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