Hi, I can’t animate a Sprite outside the canvas.

I activate the “ExtendedMovesOutsideCanvas” option but the sprite stops touching the edge of the canvas.

can you help me?

Thank you very much in advance and congratulations to this great community that is App Inventor !!

Have you seen the second link at FAQ Section: Canvas, Sprites, Balls, Animation

Hello, I thank you very much for the answer, I did not find a solution to my problem, but I welcome the answer.


You are at the mercy of MIT’s ambiguous documentation Javier. What Canvas documentation says is


Determines whether moves can extend beyond the canvas borders. Default is false. This should normally be false, and the property is provided for backwards compatibility.

ABG’s link directs you to how one used to handle this (backwards compatibility) and offers the old way of handling sprite movement beyond the canvas border.

If you provide an aia of a small example of what you are trying, someone might be able to provide specific advice. For the moment, I think you should try the example ABG provided. Canvas larger than screen - Scott Ferguson . The example may show you how to handle your sprite. Did you try it?