Export data with tinydb

Hello, sorry my english, but I use google translate.
Through a tutorial I created an app in which I enter a usernme and a password underneath.
All this is saved in the tinydb.
I would be interested in being able to export this data to a file, so that I can keep it in case the app doesn't work anymore or for some problem on the phone.
Not being practical though (I followed a step by step tutorial to create the app), I don't know how.!


You can export the contents of the tinydb to a text/csv file on your sdcard. See an example below

Or you could use a File component:

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Thanks, I'll try this solution

Hello, first of all thanks for the solution thanks to which I solved the problem.
However, I have another question.
I added the possibility to delete all the data contained in the tinydb in the app, using the code in the image.
The thing is, it asks me for confirmation, but still deletes all data.
How should I set it up?
Thank you.
As always, I apologize for the English, but I use google translate.Immagine

Try this

Look in the Notifier blocks pallette for the event block that fires after the user has clicked one of the buttons in your Notifier request choice block.

Move the Clear TinyDB block into that event, guarded for a test of which choice button was clicked.

Thank you very much, you are great guys.

Hello, I tried the app in a samsung galaxy s7 and everything works perfectly.
I changed my phone, xiaomi mi 10t lite 5g 6 128 and I can't find it in the "security.txt" file, also when I try the delete function it appears as in the image.
The keys are moved to the left, but as I said, the most important thing is that the security file is not saved, I cannot find it at all, while in the samsung everything is ok.
Does anyone know why this happens?
Thank you.

Update, I found the file, save it in the Android folder - data - and the app name.
With Mit App Inventor I hit everything, the problem persists.

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