Exit app control is not working

I'm new at using appinventor but I love it. I don't know if there is something i'm doing wring, but when clicking the butto that should quit the app, it just goes a step backwards. What I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome Marc to the community.

Closing applications is not supported in the Companion. You will have to compile the app in order to test it.

If you found this not working in your compiled app, there is a possibility that the error is caused due to incorrect screen management. When you open a new screen, always close the old screen that was redirected away.

P.S. Next time, to capture blocks, it is always a good idea to choose Right Click > Download Blocks as PNG to download blocks. This way, you will have an image with higher quality, and easier for users to read your blocks.

Thanks a lot. In the compiled app is not working. I'll check the management of the screen and also check the link you posted.
I'll capture the images downloading the blocks as PNG. Thanks for the tips.

I have more tha 100 buttons in the app to change screen, it's not worth the job needed for the 24 screens I have.
I think this issue is a bug or an app error, since the block's fuction is just to quit the app. I will disable the button, and in case the appinventor is updated I'll activate it.

Thanks a lot.

You should never need 24 screens; 10 is already a lot, and it is never recommended to have more than 10 screens. Another possibility is that it takes just too much resources to load up each of your screen, and the program simply won't work.

When you open a screen, the screen does not transform into a new screen. Instead, it keeps the old screen in its place (deactivated) and creates a new screen with the screen that you instructed. It is recommended to use virtual screens instead, which loads a little more resource, but saves your program from crashing. Search the community for more.

See tip1 here