Example project on how to use the CropView Extension from Atom Developer?

Hi, is there any aia example project available for the usage of the CropView Extension from Atom Developer?

Perhaps @Peter can help ?


Quick example blocks

The componenttoImage part isn't working. I had little time to play/experiment with the new File issues.
I have a Android 12 phone.


For me, no image is displayed when using the .Create block, the arrangement (layout) sizes to the image but remains blank.

Did you test using the companion?

Yes, companion. Does it only work when compiled ?

No i tested last time only with companion and that works for me.

Figured it out, won't allow loading of image from assets.

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@Peter and @TIMAI2 thanks a lot for your help! (bedankt!)
I used the Companion and had no problems (Android 9).
Just a question, why do you use the clock?

Because it takes time to create the cropview image. So by using a clock that takes a second i have time to then save the canvas.


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