Estimated time from one point to another

good night masters.

i'm making an app on the inventor app for my college
is a transportation app.
where you have passengers and a driver

each passenger has a fixed address.
and the driver goes through these points to pick them up.

it happens that the app needs to show on the screen the estimated time that the driver will arrive at each point.

could someone help me which tool could i use? for me to study her?

That sounds like the bus route app in

This tutorial shows your app users where the Bus is at any point in time How to broadcast a GPS location and share the information on a map with others in real time..CloudDB. It may be something you could use along with an app to calculate driving distance between two locations. If you know the distance, you estimate arrival time at the specific location. See HOW TO: Use the Navigate control . Estimate an average driving speed and if you know the distance you calculate the arrival time.