ESP32. Cam OV2640. Module. WebServer

Hello friends,

This is a cheap card ($ 6) with ESP32-S and a cam OV2640.

160MHz clock speed
Bluetooth classic y BLE
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/

Cam: OV2640

SdCard reader.

Flashlight LED (GPIO 4)

  • To upload the sketches to this module we will need a USB adapter, for example the FTDI FT232 RL USB.


Search images: ESP32-CAM WiFi OV2640

Search images: FTDI FT232RL USB

1.- Connections to upload Sketch.


2.- Then remove wire GND IO0 and look Serial Monitor to get IP.

3.- After loading the sketch we will only need the power cables.


4.- In a browser write IP, example:



- App Inventor.

  • We cannot see the videos with the WebViewer component, we can see it through ActivityStarter.

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW


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wow i like it :+1: :smiley: :+1:

Hi there could you please put the whole steps for the app and thank you

Tutorial is here:

In WebViewer.

On this page I have modified the code so that in addition to being saved in the internal memory it is saved in the SdCard.

Web Server. Web page in SdCard.

- IP Webcam.

If you don't have this module and you want to stream videos online, you can use your mobile as IP WebCam with this app from the Play Store.

Click in "Start Server"

Then in your PC write IP, example:

Hello sir , my quation was in blocks what we add in -

  1. activity class
    2.activity pacakge
    or not need of that just only we have to add the "action" ? in the activity starter

Action and DataUri

First try in your PC Browser, example:

this is block diagram of my projcet
but we not yet decide the wifi module but at last any wifi modul used ,i got the camera stream on serial monitor like-http//
so how i acces this on my app .

according to ur say that this camera stream not opened in webviewr so i used activity starter .
but my quation was i need to connect my mobile phone wifi with the wifi module or it is without connect wifi is connectivity done through activity starter beacuse i have to make just protocol of this app how streaming i will done and then after some days i do practictly it is..!

this is i do for utube video insted of that i just add for http// camera video stream

and i have to make another app through wifi i have to controles the led of controoler
so by using web url like http // if i got after run the program on serial monitor then in this in app wifi conncetivity i have to add the ip addres of wifi module ? or not

To view the cam in the app, try:

To turn LEDs on/off, see:

sir if i used the activity starter i just want like when we acces the link through web in case of wifi or activity starter
there is connection done through entering ip addres in text box is same for activity starter.?

in this sam,e as led on off is working witj entering ip addres in text box ..
but for video streaming throught activity starter is coonectivity do like this for wifi is working or not or just we have to acces only not need of wifi connectivity in textbox by entering ip addres!!

or like this only i have to do ( blocks)

I have not tested it, but you can have the same web server for video transmission and to turn on / off the LED.
Example: TextBox1.Text:
It depends on the code of the ESP32

OK thanks for ur guidence !