Error while adding helper blocks code in extension code

I got this error below after adding the helper code dropdown menu in my extension :

Compiling sources
│ info Picked 2 source files
│      An annotation processor threw an uncaught exception.
│      Consult the following stack trace for details.
│      java.lang.IllegalStateException
│       at io.shreyash.rush.util.ConvertToYailTypeKt.convert(ConvertToYailType.kt:142)
│       at io.shreyash.rush.block.BlockWithParams.params(BlockWithParams.kt:16)
│       at io.shreyash.rush.block.Method.runChecks(Method.kt:31)
│       at io.shreyash.rush.block.Method.<init>(Method.kt:16)
│       at io.shreyash.rush.ExtensionProcessor.process(ExtensionProcessor.kt:68)
│       at
│       at
│       at$1800(
│       at$
│       at
│       at
│       at
│       at
│       at
│       at
│       at
│       at
│       at
└ failed

However I have no errors in the code
This is dictionary path

I Need help

Please zip the extensions together, and upload it here. If the ZIP file format is unsupported, please either upload the ZIP to Google Drive, or rename it into an AIA file (it will not work when you import it as a project in App Inventor).

It is only one extension, do you mean zipping the extension folder?
I am using RUSH to compile the extension and I can compile it well but when I add the helper code it gives me the above error

Yes. Please zip the source files together, and upload it here for reference. We do not know what caused the error - maybe it's your code.

Does Rush support Helper Blocks?

I think a newer version does, but it's in beta mode.

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this is project folder - Google Drive

You cannot use helper blocks in rush, and he's not using the unreleased beta version.

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Is Niotron IDE support it ?

Use this extension builder template, it's support helper blocks ↓


I have more one question could I use .aar files in addition to the .jar files it or only the .jar files ?

Only .jar files are supported in App Inventor, though there are some techniques for using AARs in extension development.

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@Gordon_Lu thanks, may you tell me these techniques?

I cannot tell you what they exactly are. However, this might involve decompiling the AAR, storing the resources elsewhere, and manually converting a lot of files. This can be very complicated.

ok thank you very much @Gordon_Lu