Error en el visor de lista

The error occurs when the program is run, when selecting the "List Viewer" the elements are displayed, but it no longer goes through the entire list and when I choose a product from the list it boots me from the program

Try this example, does this work for you? If so, what is different about how you set and select with your listview?

listviewercheck.aia (1.8 KB)

If it doesn't work and the app still crashes, let us know

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el problema esta al momento de seleccionar el filtro de busqueda, al momento de darle click para buscar un elemento dentro de la lista, se sale del programa y este problema es reciente, ya que antes si lo usaba con toda normalidad, creo que en alguna actualizacion de la pagina de app inventor fallo algo.

tengo esas tres listas: Productos, precios y codigos.
Antes en el visor de lista todo funcionaba perfectamente, inclusive el filtro de busqueda, pero desde hace pocos dias ya no funciona el visor de listas

Elijo un producto y automaticamente me debe salir el precio y codigo correspondiente

OK, this looks like it could be related to this issue

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Actually, it looks like these are two independent bugs affecting the ListView component. I've come up with a fix for the former and now I'm looking at this one.


thank you so so much for your help

dear ewpatton

Good afternoon, maybe you have an answer about the ListView ???


The fixes for the ListView have been merged. We are aiming to update the test server today so that people can try it out.

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Ewpatton, perdón la insistencia jejeje, has tenido alguna razón cuando ya hicieron las pruebas en el servidor de pruebas?

it's still problems with lisview, MIT already fixed it ??


Not yet fixed. A listing of recent bug fixes is displayed here> . MIT is still testing a possible remedy.

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Thanks 4 info

tengo el mismo problema en un contenedor con tres listview , toco sobre el para recuperer unos datos de la DB , lo selcciona pero el evento no responde. esperemos que tenga solucion

me pasa exactamente igual.. y al mostrar la lista tambien tiene diferentes tamaños.

Esperemos que pronto ya puedan solucionar

This should be fixed in the companion version available from Please let us know if it resolves your issue.

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Thanks I'm going to review it right now

Within this link: "" the problem is solved, but, the page that is normally used is: "" for what passes a project from one page to the other and when compiling the apk and uploading to the google console, it does not allow me for code issues.

How do I solve it?