Error code and wont save list

So I'm having issues trying to relearn how to even code as its been 6 years since school....
im trying to create this app to help with work as they still use pen and paper for everything in relation to trash/bulk/ brush pickup. I plan to also try to expand this to the water and sewer dept.

It wont save a file in the tiny db and keeps generating that popup and an extra space in front of the date. I have no idea why this keeps happening.
And if someone can help me save this in a directory under documents so i may print out a CSV or even a text file of information, that would sincerely help.

Thank you in advance for any support.

The file component stores files ibmn the ASD by default, see also Some basics on Android storage system

Please provide a screenshot of that message

Set the file scope to Shared and use a filename like /Documents/myFilename.txt

Btw it might make more sense to convert the listview elements into csv fornat before storing... you can use the list to csv row or list to csv table blocks for that


Thank you for the tips and ill be sure to check out that basics link

And i know it kinds of blend in, but there is a separate screenshot of the error just below the codes

As for the format.... tbh i looked at some other videos... but i guess they where about 2 years old so thank ya for that tip as well :slight_smile:

Updated Codes and simplified it quite a bit thanks to you

and im sadly getting the same error

Please study the introductory section of

thank you very much for the guided lesson, i plan to study these tonight and hopefully progress in my app