Error 802 when recording , how do I fix?

Hello, i have created this app in 2017 for my childs and worked perfectly (i used tinyDB1 as i remember
But now, in 2022, i realize that when i try to record appearing below error:

Error802: Cannot start recording: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/appinventor.ai_MYUSERNAME.APPNAME/files/My Documents/Recording/app_inventor_1654428986370.3gp: open failed:ENOENT (no such file or directory)

This appear when i use companion but also when i try the .apk that i am generating now from MIT website
Instead, if i use .apk i have created years ago (code is identical) i have no problems - maybe something has been changed in compilation process?
Can someone could suggest me how to easily fix this issue or what i should add in blocks? i saw some similar topics, but after many years i am a bit lost :frowning:
thanks a lot in advance!

See that space between My and Documents ? That is what is causing the problem.

To fix things, set the file path for the recording to something else in the ASD, ensuring you have no spaces in the file path. e.g.

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Hi, Timai2 thanks a lot!!!
so i have in somehow to edit the path as you suggested
sorry for silly question, but could you tell me where ASD ( i suppose that is a parameter) is located?

thanks again!!!!!!

thanks a lot Anke; very exhaustive explanation,now is clear what is asd :slight_smile: and why my problem happened
i have only to figure out how to change default path in my project now, not clear if i can do it through MIT

Drag in a file component, then:


obviously set the SavedRecording location before you start recording :wink:


Or this:

Hi TIMAI2 , really thanks!,

i have copied what you suggested, and seems that actually the path has changed, however i still have the same type of error :frowning:

i have added a file in component, then i have added exactly what you paste above ;
finally i have put the 2nd part (set soundrecorder1 .savedRecording..., where i set "yourRecording.3gp") before start recording command (as you can see above)

Unfortunately outcome is : Error 802: Cannot start recording: file:/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/ open failed: ENOENT (no such file or directory) :frowning:

? file:/


not quite like I posted,..... it should be file://

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I really don't know how to thank you, you made my daughter happy :slight_smile:
thank you very much and sorry for the time I wasted you


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