Struggling with sound recorder

Hello all. I am struggling to make a simple sound recorder app. As you can see in the attached screenshot I keep getting an error. I searched the forum and saw info about the illegal character and/or saving the recording to the ASD but couldn't see anything about this specific error I am getting. Hoping someone can point me to the possible source of this? Thanks.
Note: I have attached my aia file also.

soundrecorder.aia (1.9 KB)

see the answer here


Oh!!! It works! thank you so much!!!
Can I access the location where the file was saved on my phone manually?
Also if the app is to be used by different people will this method create problems or should it work fine for everyone downloading the app?
Thank you so much again!

yes, use total commander

see also here

it should work fine for all Android versions


You are amazing. Thank you so much for all your continual help all the time. Hopefully i can get to a point one day where i can also help others on this forum as you do!

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