Error 802 when recording audio

I made this app,

And now when I try to record audio, I get the following error,

Please help me to solve this problem

Thanks in advance,

Please send your blocks

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@Faraz_Firoz, do you know what is the problem?

This is full block right?
Ian seeing what is problem

Once try with OnClick block

image ?

Yes same block

Same error!
I asked for

but it doesn't work

Send me your full blocks

I made a seperate AIA for my problem:RecoderTEST.aia (1.8 KB)

Error is telling that this is a path error this error came bcs of of wrong path
Please check your path once

Path to save file?
Can you send the relevant blocks please?

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Please check your path

I am on phone do I can not send blocks

The error occurs because the path contains a space, there is a space in the My Documents directory name. This is a bug in Ai2 and we have to wait for it to be fixed.

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@Patryk_F thanks for the reply

Hope it would be fixed soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Or, you can change the directory to something that doesn't contain a space (My Documents contains a space), such as Download.

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