Error 601 when opening website from app

I am trying to open a website with a button, but I keep getting error code 601: No corresponding activity was found. Here is my code.

Is there a way I can get this to work?

Hi Quorkan

That code is not opening a regular web page. What is it exactly you need to achieve? Upload/Download files on your Google drive?

I need to open a google slides. Also, that is not the full link. It was too long so the block cut it off from view. Here is it when selected:

Can you just copy-paste that URL into your forum post so that we can visit the site? I must confess I have not see Google Slides but I assume it is similar to Google Sheets (spreadsheets)

Actually, I think you are going to need the help of TimAI2, the expert on everything Google.

how do I contact them? Here is the link:

Also, I got the same error when trying to send an email.

For the google slides issue, change dataType to dataUri

For the email, you have syntax issues:

maitlo >> mailto:
Subscube >> Subscribe

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thank you for the google slides, but that was not he problem on the email.

Some of it was....., what is happening now you have made corrections?

There wasn’t actually a syntax error with the mailto. The picture was just low resolution. Also, the Subscribe was just for the subject of the email. It didn’t make a difference in the performance.

do you have a performance issue or

i.e. the Error 601?

what about providing a screenshot of your latest relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.


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When I said performance, I meant how it worked. I still got the error code. Also, I am not sure what relevant blocks are. Will this help?

there is still missing the : after mailto as @TIMAI2 already mentioned


Definitely no colon : in your image

I see now. I didn’t notice the colon before. Thanks. I am testing it now.

Thank you. It works!

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