Activity Starter Error


I made an app which clicks an image from your phone, and then you can pick the image through an ImagePicker.

I was opening the camera by using an ActivityStarter.
So far everything was working good for me, until today I downloaded the app on a different phone. It showed "Error 604: No Corresponding activity was found" when I tried to open the camera.
I think that it shows that because of the different activity class/packages of the different phones.

So is there any way in which I can solve that? I know that I can use the Camera component itself, but I don't want to use it, as it would require a lot of changes in the overall code in my app.

Please tell me if there are any ways.
Thanks in Advance.

Is that error 601 or 604?

Please take a closer look,
I think it's error 601

Maybe this can help you :

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Hi Akshun_Tapuriah

Why are you using Activity Starter for that task instead of App Inventor's Camera function?

Yes, it is 601.

The app's function is to send pictures of air pollution to authorities to take action. It can be used not to only take a picture and immediately use it. It can also be used for later.
(ie. I take the picture right now and I send the picture to the authorities later)

So if I use the Camera Component, It does not store the image in the normal Camera folder in the phone's gallery.

Hence I used the Activity Starter.

We would need to see your Activity Starter code - but does that other phone run Android 10 by any chance? You may have hit a Google Security Measure.

That is strange isn't it - though the way things are going with Google Security, Apps might not have access to the Gallery in Android 11, which is not so far away from release.

Perhaps using Taifun's file extension would be better. The images would be stored in the App's own folder and Taifun's extension can list them - that is possibly the future for Android 11.

Hi Chris,

The other phone runs Android 10. The first phone (on which it works) runs Android 6.0

Nice Idea . Can you please give me the link to the extension?

@ChrisWard I would like to know one additional thing: My teacher told me that the Activity Package and Activity Class might be different on different phones.

So will it be on the basis of Android Version (ie. an Android 6 phone will have a different activity cass / package than an Android 9) Or is it on the bassis of the phone's company (ie. will a Samsung phone have a different activity class/package than a OnePlus phone)??

I tried it now a third device ( Android 7.1.1) and I didn't work there too.

So I guess I'll have to switch to the camera component....

From the documentation:

Start the Camera
To launch the Android Camera app, use an activity starter with the IMAGE_CAPTURE Action property. You do not specify an ActivityPackage or an ActivityClass:


This is basically what the App Inventor Camera component does, although it is more convenient to use the Camera component than to use the ActivityStarter in building your app.

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Thanks a LOT @TIMAI2 !!

Generally speaking, that is not the case - but it is true to say there are more things to consider on later versions of Android, and some file paths are slightly different between manufactures when they use their own customised version of Android.

So @TIMAI2 Once I have taken the picture I want it to come in an Image Component. This is the code I used:
However, the image didn't come. Please tell me how I can solve this issue.

Not getting any output from activity starter.

Perhaps it is just easier to use the camera component:


Yes... Seems Like it.