Error 601 - Activity Starter not working on emulator

I am working on the Paris Map Tour tutorial app. It is working fine on the AI Companion, but when I try running it with the emulator I get Error 601. (My students do not have devices so we are using the emulator). We are working on MacBooks. I’m wondering if the emulator no longer works with the Activity Starter?

Correct; the emulator does not work with the ActivityStarter Kristie.

If you are doing this tutorial Map Tour , notice there is a way to do essentially the same things you do with the ActivityStarter by using the WebViewer.

Do The Complete App: Map Tour (Web Viewer) version. Figure 6-8 shows the final block configuration for this WebViewer version of Paris Map Tour. Students using the emulator should be able to work with this version of the tutorial.


Just to clarify, the ActivityStarter does work in the emulator. The challenge is that the emulator is a barebones installation of Android. It’s not like the version you would get on a phone with all of the Google apps (e.g., Maps). Therefore, most activities one might typically start won’t start on the emulator because they don’t exist. For map functionality in the emulator, you could use the built-in Map component in App Inventor instead of launching Google Maps.