Error 2101 when I try to read csv file

Hi Everyone

I have done some apps with .csv files
But recently I've got error 2101 file could not be found. the file was exists on internal memory. And it can be access with my old installed app. but for modified app, that error was appearing. even same app in AI Companion

I've tried Taifunfile extension also
Here is my blocks
blocks (1)

Thanks in advance

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there is a space in the filename, which could be an issue...

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Hi Taifun,
Yes it is. but my previous apps, it was detect same csv file without giving an error. And also I've tried same csv file without space. result was same

This time without specs
blocks (2)
But same error

Is the filename of the file on your phone also CustomerBase.csv or is it different?

Thanks for replying,
No it is same

I guess you have Android 10 running on your phone?


as @Peter guessed, what is the Android version of your device?
also your screenshots look quite different... the list to csv row block never would have worked here, the second screenshot looks better (list form csv table block)


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Yes. it is same

My android version is 10

This error appear when try to access "Customer Base.csv" file. please note that this is new app I'm trying develop.

This is old app installed on my phone & access same "Customer Base.csv" file

Did you read the topic i gave you and the solutions there?

Hi Peter. yes it is android 10 running on my phone. but some app installed on my phone access same csv file. but can not access by this new app

Are these apps made with App Inventor?

Thanks Peter!. EFile worked

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