Error 2101 on samsung but not on huawei

Hi all,

i'm new here. I've looked for an answer to my problem, but didn't find this exact case.

My situation:
My program reads two CSV files "mag_csv.csv" and "lista_csv.csv". These files are situated directly on the tablet/smartphone memory. From both of the files, the program creates lists. I've done some update (12.08) to the program completly not related to the file reading part (e-mail adress change for mail sending). On my tablet (Samsung Tab S5E) I'm getting the error 2101 on both files. It doesn't matter if I'm running the program from the device or as preview connected to the app inventor website. I've loaded the previous version of my program (24.07) and it works (the CSV files were not changed).

And now the twist: both version of the program (12.08 and 24.07) are working on the Huawei P10 Lite. The CSV files are copy pase the same like on the Samsung Tab S5E.

I was thinking that there is something wrong with the CSV files on the TAB, but the earlier version of the program (24.07) reads the without problem.

Can anybody tell me, what the hell is going on here? :slight_smile:


This issue is related to Android 10 (targetSdkVersion=29, AI2 → nb184 update).
See here (read the complete thread):

Dankeee Anke! :slight_smile:

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