Error 1109 URL not valid!

What is the problem, please help? It does not take long to solve this problem. The information is sent to Google sheet, but brings a message to Error 1109 URL not valid

Who can tell. The url you constructed has an issue. We don't know because we cannot access your Google sheet

Perform a DoIt and share the link?

Dear friend, write your e-mail address, I will allow you access

Do it passive to me

Sorry. Either Share the Spreadsheet with everyone or create an example spreadsheet and share that spreadsheet. Also do a DoIt. Keep the discussion in the community please.

I opened access you can see

I do not know what the issue might be. The spreadsheet loads fine using a Chrome browser on my PC but fails when using any of several ways that should show the url on an Android.

I tried using a WebViewer, Web component and ActivityStarter to access the url; all fail here too.

I suspect either an issue with your spreadsheet in Albanian or how it is hosted.

Someone else might have an idea.

и можно что-то сделать, чтобы сообщение не показывалось. поскольку он работает нормально, просто показывает сообщение

It is written in Armenian and not in Albanian

Set web.url to harvest

call web.get

when get response content

and you can do something so that the message is not shown. since it works fine just shows the message

Sorry... Armenian :slight_smile: what ever, the language might cause an issue. I do not know.


might fix your issue. I still cannot read the url. :cry:

can you please write more clearly? I have just started working with this program

You are using two url's one for the spreadsheet and one for the form. Do you know which one causes the error ? Use Do it to debug your blocks

DO IT It is passive for both of me

Can you please provide form's url ?

Web1Add.url should be, is it like this ?