Error 1101 only android 10

Good morning, I have a problem with an application that I made, you see, the idea is to show an image extracted from Firebase Storage on the screen. This application works properly on cell phones with Android 6, but when installing it on a cell phone with Android 10, the infamous error 1101 appears.
For the download and sample of the images I have used the tutorial

My question is, is there something I am missing? I appreciate your help with your comments.

Note: I checked the smartphone that has Android 10 and yes, it has all the permissions and has an internet connection, I don't know if it is an isolated case or that will happen with all smartphones with Android 10, and yes, the address is correct, and I tried to download the same image on both devices (android 6 and 10) and only on android 10 it presents that problem.

Thank you for reading.

Don't use the web component, just set the image to the url.

for example:

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Thanks for answering, ok, I'll try.
I have a question, the section of ? Alt = media & token = 2977263c-178b-47bf-b4f6-a38f56c922cc how do I get it? Does that varies with each image?

You can just go without the token if you have no security rules:

You need the ?alt=media otherwise you just get back the json

therefore running this would return all the data about the file, including the download token
"name": "FBDEMONOSEC/myimage1.png",
"bucket": "",
"generation": "1603812447042022",
"metageneration": "1",
"contentType": "image/png",
"timeCreated": "2020-10-27T15:27:27.041Z",
"updated": "2020-10-27T15:27:27.041Z",
"storageClass": "STANDARD",
"size": "4352",
"md5Hash": "5pVqXcbMgF3SODWpn6YkkA==",
"contentEncoding": "identity",
"contentDisposition": "inline; filename*=utf-8''image.png",
"crc32c": "pDI5eA==",
"etag": "CObzxPmK1ewCEAE=",
"downloadTokens": "c44821c3-18gg-4491-8994-760bff493ed5"

The access token is returned when you upload a file, and is individual to the file. See here

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Thank you very much, the information you gave me helped me a lot.

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