Entire App Running In Background (or Foreground)

How could I make a app that could just completely run in the background with a FREE extension? I don't want like running a task in the background or whatever that means because I want a app that I made to just continue regular use in the background. Not keep the screen on. Can anyone help me?

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@TIMAI2 that's still a task that I was saying that I don't understand. Let me explain what I'm trying to do in more detail. I'm trying to actively send and recive location latitude and longitude to a CloudDB. is there a way I could do this?

yes. To run in the background however will take an extension mentioned by Tim.

okay. I will try this.

Using the paid locationservice extension App Inventor Extensions: Location Service | Pura Vida Apps it is possible to store location data in the background in a Google Spreadsheet or MySQL database. Sorry, CloudDB is not possible. Soon Itoo functionality will be integrated, too... but then still without CloudDB access... why? see here


sorry but I don't have money

as I said here I said I was NOT buying extensions

Don't worry... But my answer is not only for you, but also for others with the same question in future...


If you just want the app to 'run' while you are using other apps on your device you could consider one of these options to use the CloudDB. Yes, FREE ! :wink:

just saw that

it looks like it works

hmm... whats that thing at the bottom left part of the screen that says KIO4 location sensor doing there... hmm

ahem. anyways

It is an example using an alternative 3rd party LocationSensor. There are aia's that use the native LocationSensor and one using an html method of determining location.
You don't have to use Antonio's alternative.

so does it do the same thing as the other one that @Taifun mentoned?

No, his extension runs in the Background, these run in the Foreground. Read the explanation about how it works in the tutorial text.

whats the difference?

whoops my email is in there

Thanks A LOT!!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: